Studio apartment – A new way of living

The concept of studio apartments is gaining popularity in India’s overcrowded cities, particularly in metropolises where the cost of living space is prohibitively expensive. Owning or renting a 1 BHK or 2 BHK size flat in cities like Hyderabad is prohibitively expensive. A studio apartment is an affordable option for working professionals, singles, or couples looking for low-cost housing arrangements. Due to rising demand and high rental incomes, more developers are now offering studio flats.

As you may be aware, studio apartments have grown in popularity in India over the last two decades where limited space prevents massive residential complexes. You may learn more about studio apartments and how they help the country solve its housing difficulties.

What is a studio apartment configuration?

Studio flats include a living area, a sleeping area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. To create separation, some studio apartments feature partial walls. If there is a wall, for example, you will have some privacy if people come in.

Below are few things you can know about studio apartments:

Size of studio apartments:

Studio flats, sometimes known as ‘efficiency apartments,’ operate on the premise of efficient space utilization. As a result, there will be few barriers in the form of walls and space delineation. It often has an open floor design, but this might vary based on the city or neighborhood. Because there appears to be no discernible difference between the two, a one-room and kitchen (1RK) residence is also advertised as a studio apartment. The size of such apartments ranges from 250 to 700 square feet, depending on the developer’s brand, demand for the same, location, and so on.

Concept and design of Studio apartment:

studio apartment, in essence, contains all facilities in one medium-sized space, without any partitions, including a bathing area, bed, living space, and kitchen. Some developers provide partial wall structures for space demarcation in order to provide some privacy. People frequently refer to 1 RK as a studio apartment, but this is not correct; such apartments have a different concept in terms of design, decor, and price. A one-bedroom flat features a clear delineation between the bedroom, hall, kitchen, and bathroom spaces, whereas a studio is one huge room that must be created by the owner or pre-configured by the developer.

A smaller home requires less room to heat and cool in the winter and summer, which saves you money in the long term.


Despite its modest size and open floor design idea with no separation, having a studio apartment has significant advantages

  • In comparison to other flat sizes, the pricing is reasonable.
  • Low upkeep is required.
  • Available at a lower rate than flats with larger configurations, making it simple to rent out.
  • Single users benefit from optimal space allocations.
  • Studio flats in central areas provide easier access to important city locations.
  • Reduced power bills as a result of lower energy consumption.

Who should one rent a studio apartment?

The category is particularly popular with tenants, including single professionals, small families, and persons living alone. Studio apartments are extremely popular among investors seeking rental income. In established areas of major cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, or Delhi, a studio apartment can provide superior returns.

Experts suggest some checkpoints before renting a studio apartment:

1. Check out features and amenities

Always look into the amenities and features that come with a studio apartment, such as furniture, space allocations, appliance design, and so on. Natural light is vital in such settings.

2. Living room space

Make sure your living space is not too small, since this will have an impact on your comfort and feel-good factor.

3. Budget

The rent of a studio apartment varies according to location, builder reputation, facilities offered, and design, among other factors. Before renting a studio apartment, always conduct a thorough budget search.

4. Local infrastructure

Always explore around the project site for critical infrastructure development such as civic facilities, supermarkets, shops, and convenience stores, as well as educational institutes or workplaces close or connectivity to these areas.

Who should consider a studio apartment?

Studio apartments are popular among tenants as well as house/hostel searchers. It is ideal for single working professionals or persons who live alone. Those interested in rental returns should consider renting studio units. A studio apartment in a favorable location in places like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, or Bengaluru can yield substantial profits.

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