If You Are Relocating To Your Office After The Lockdown, Here Are The 7 Things You Should Do

After the lockdown in 2020, the life of people has changed dramatically, especially their work life. While many people lost their jobs, many organizations shifted their employees to remote work. Even though it has been a challenge to change our living space to a workspace, we got comfortable being in our own area. That is why many people feel reluctant and anxious to relocate to the office now when the lockdown has been over. So, the main question is, how can we make this transition easier?

7 Things To Know Before Relocating To Your Office After The Lockdown

1) Setup a Covid Friendly Living Space

If you are relocating to your office after the lockdown, you need to set up a Covid friendly living space for yourself. It should have all the facilities and amenities to make your relocation effortless. Shifting to a new space is always hard, especially if you have been in your comfort zone for so long. That is why you should get a place that gives you that comfort zone when you come back from the office.

2) Be Compassionate With the People Around You

The shift to home working is so sudden that it is psychologically jarring. Rather than taking it on a positive note, most of them took it quite negatively. This shift is combined with the loss of freedom and connection. That is why it is important to acknowledge the journey of people around you and be compassionate towards them. Relocating to your office is all about sharing humanity, compassion, and empathy toward each other.

3) Set Realistic Expectations

Now when you are shifting to office life, you need to understand that you cannot be everywhere. You need to think about which people or projects you want to be associated with. You should set realistic expectations and give your time & energy to them only. Before relocating, you should know the reality you’re heading back into and decide how to approach this. Give yourself time to adjust to the changes and be comfortable with the situations.

4) Establish a New Routine

Working from home changes our routine drastically. Most of us have mastered hopping on a Zoom meeting at the last minute. That is why it is important to establish a new routine. From waking up at the right time to deciding what support you might need at home, you need to figure out everything. You can start by planning smaller things and then just build up into that. Give yourself enough time to adjust to the new routine and get comfortable with it. Otherwise, you might end up feeling lonely in an office full of people.

5) Set Your Boundaries

One of the most noticeable things that changed during lockdown is getting the boundary line blurred. Since you are working from home, you’re more accessible to do any work at any time. And, that is where the boundary gets lost. It became impossible to separate work from home. Even though it got hectic most of the time, you liked to be in that comfort zone. That is why suddenly being around a lot of people can be overwhelming for you. In this case, you need to set your boundaries as you return to the crowded office. If it is not possible to relocate in phases, give yourself a frequent breather till you adjust to the environment.

6) Empathetically Reconnect With People

Socializing is one of the crucial aspects of work. However, it’s a big source of anxiety as well for many people. That is why it might be possible that you may be worried about being socially awkward after being in your own space for so long. To get rid of this got out, talk to people, and reconnect with them. Always be kind and empathetic towards people as they have also been through the same journey. No matter how excited or anxious you are, take it slowly.

7) Give Your Mental Health Priority

It is totally normal to get anxious or overwhelmed to relocate to your office after lockdown. However, it can adversely affect your mental health. So, before returning back to the office, talk to the internal team about how you are feeling and make the adjustments required. Give your mental health priority, adapt to the stressors, and attend to your feelings. It will help you understand those emotions and conquer them.


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