What is the definition of a serviced apartment? How will it benefit millennials?

Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments are gaining ground these days and have become an ideal choice of accommodation for many people. Serviced apartments are inordinate choices for business, tourism, or higher education with family, friends, or single travellers. 

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment comes as an entirely furnished apartment with all facilities for long-term and short term stay. In simple words, a serviced apartment delivers all comforts as in a home without the need for maintenance. 

Serviced Apartment for millennial 

The concept of serviced apartments in Hyderabad has been gaining ground for the past few years as millennials find it beneficial. With the high cost of living in Hyderabad, owning a flat or a home drags the millennial into EMI and stressed life. 

Millennials are happy as they enjoy amenities such as a fitness room, working space, play station, seamless Wi-Fi, Barbeque area etc., at low cost. Serviced apartments occupy the mind to live a cost-efficient life for specific periods in an efficient home that offers all facilities. In that way, Hyderabad has the best-serviced apartments with various categories of facilities and prices. 

Benefits of serviced apartments 

Best accommodation for all 

Serviced apartments are the prime choice for millennials with friends, family or as a single bachelor. As a traveller, professional or for pleasure, service apartments offer the additional space for a comfortable stay with family or friends. Guests opting for serviced apartments enjoy luxury features such as kitchen, lounge, bedroom, bathroom and new furnishings. 


There is a steady growth in accommodation for serviced apartments, especially amongst millennials in Hyderabad city. The primary reason is the low rental price saved for the companies. Moreover, there are no room service charges, restaurant bills or bar tabs by choosing serviced apartments. The guests have the opportunity to cater for the kitchen needs accordingly. 

Meeting spaces 

IT professionals have the space and opportunity to host small business meetings in serviced apartments. Entertaining corporate clients in service apartments instead of hotels make companies more economical. Moreover, serviced apartments offer a mandatory atmosphere for discussions. 

Cost-saving factors

Millennials in the IT sector need Wi-Fi facilities which are available in serviced apartments. Moreover, cost-saving factors laundry and communication facilities are readily available in serviced apartments. Being an IT hub, Hyderabad has massive IT professionals looking for serviced apartments that help save a few bugs. 


Do you think serviced apartments are standard box rooms? While opting for serviced apartments, there are several categories from luxury, budget to superior quality furnishings. The high-quality bed linen, toiletries, fully-equipped kitchen, towels etc., offers supreme quality living condition for guests. The home entertainment facilities are yet another highlight that offers excellent packages for entertainment. 


People moving to Hyderabad for profession or businesses mandate privacy as an essential requirement in accommodations. In that manner, millennials find serviced apartments with good a degree of privacy. Such apartments have most minor formalities and permit individuals to feel at home. With reduced maid services, serviced apartments have better privacy with significantly fewer interruptions. 

Quick booking 

With the internet handy for every individual, booking a serviced apartment in Hyderabad is simple with just a few clicks. Looking for luxury or budget apartments in Hyderabad is effortless with online platforms. 

Additional services and amenities 

A serviced apartment is prominent for its additional amenities, which grab the attention of others. Facilities such as concierge, bars, pools, gym etc., are offered in a better way than hotels in serviced apartments. Hence serviced apartments are a great and better alternative for people looking for the best and economical accommodation. 

Cooking washing facilities 

It costs a fortune to stay for longer periods in hotels in a metropolitan city like Hyderabad. A serviced apartment offers cooking and washing facilities for millennials which is a cost-saving factor. It is comfortable to have our kitchen with a self-catering service that saves a few bugs. The best part of serviced apartments is the communal laundries which offer washer and dryer facilities for guests. Guests enjoy their laundry and cooking, even in accommodations. 


The location of the services apartment is vital for better access to the corporate offices. In that manner, serviced apartments are usually available in central locations of Hyderabad, and they are found in the heart of the city, in tourist’s destinations and business districts. 


With such exclusive facilities, serviced apartments in Hyderabad are making a great move. Hyderabad serviced apartments comes with the best price guarantee and optimum amenities. Whether it’s a short or long stay in Hyderabad, serviced apartments are the best option. Booking serviced apartments in Hyderabad is simple online or through direct call. 

Visit the website and get stunned at the superior facilities offered before booking. Millennials travel from place to place for occupation and hence book serviced apartments as a better and cost-effective choice for living. Millennials love adventure, social interaction with new people, new living, and therefore Hyderabad is a place for millennials to enjoy living in serviced apartments. 






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