Dos and Don’ts for Sharing a Rented Co-living room.

Dos and Donts for Sharing a Rented Co-living room.

Co-living is sharing a common space by a group of people for a purpose on a rental basis. This trend is common in today’s generation due to the increased cost of living. Many co-living properties have emerged in the state mainly to benefit people to survive in an interactive environment. Living in a co-living rented space can motivate people to share ideas and build positive business prospects in the end.

Do’s of Sharing a Rented Space

  • Rent Agreement

It is important to conclude on the terms before choosing to live in a shared space to avoid any disagreements or misunderstandings in the future. Make clear communication on the rent amount and the payment date by transferring the rent agreement with the roommates. If anyone violates the rules mentioned on the rental agreement, warn them of the penalty to maintain decorum in the space.

  • Decide on your Roommate

You can enjoy the full liberty of choosing roommates based on your work lifestyle, sleep timings, and food habits. For instance, if two people work under different shifts, they need to discuss it and decide their sleep timings. Then, they mutually agree not to disturb each other while living under one roof.

  • Safety Guidelines

People need to check the environment is free from any health hazards. It holds all safety standards in case of emergencies like fire before choosing the space.

  • Split the Bills

Co-living spaces have fantastic amenities like Wi-Fi, mobile, gas, and utilities. So, as a common rule, the roommates must share the bills every month to avoid the burden on a single person.

  • Some Privacy

The following important do keep shared spaces like the dining area and bathroom clean after you use them to make the other person comfortable. Also, always ask permission and keep people informed before sharing your roommate’s personal properties to avoid ambiguity.

  • Make Clear Schedules

The second important aspect is to share the burden of room chores by creating a schedule that reveals the tasks for roommates. The best approach is to draft it on a chart paper and hang it on the wall to notify all about the responsibilities for the week. Writing the person’s names for each chore can highlight the duties can aid the roommates in a co-living space.

Dont’s of sharing a Rented Space

  • Do not Share your Keys

Have separate keys if you live with a group of people, and ensure that you do not share them with any third member without informing them. This is a sign of respecting the other person’s privacy for a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Blasting Music

Some people may enjoy loud music, while others might be embarrassed by loud sounds. So, in that case, respecting other person’s choices is very important in a co-living rented space. If your roommate is not okay with loud sounds, make sure you use your headphones and turn on the music without disturbing them.

  • Be in Your Limits

It is essential to respect other person’s privacy and avoid using their things in their absence. When leaving outside, always lock the door be mindful about roommates’ belongings. Do not interfere in personals of roommates by asking about their details, which can annoy them by making them feel that you are crossing your boundaries.

  • Night Parties

Living in a shared space demands so much discipline, so avoid partying late at night and try to return home at the earliest, keeping in mind the other person’s peace. However, if your roommates are okay with night partying, you can probably join hands with them and socialize in the same space or hang out outside to relax your mind.


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